Monday, January 9, 2017

On The Nightstand 1/9/17

Read two YA books last night.  With the Kidlette 2 going on 13, I have to keep up with what the cool kids are reading.

Drama Absent
Drama by Raina Telgemeier; with color by Gurihiru
Absent by Katie Williams

Drama—Brought pack memories of being on the stage crew my senior year in high school.  Kinda bummed that the musical (Moon Over Mississippi) in the story isn't real.  Not too many (read none) Civil War plays these days.  And with a cannon!  Some controversy over a gay character or two, but seriously, it is musical theater—as Nathan Lane once said, "You do the math."  Will be looking for her first one (Smile) and her latest one (Sisters).

Absent—Perhaps a tad too dark and poignant given personal family history, but intriguing enough to seek out her first effort (The Space Between Trees) as well.

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