Friday, October 28, 2016

Fearless Friday 10/28/16

Fred O. "Fearless" Gregg, Showman.

Yesterday Jesse over at justacarguy put this 1935 photo of "Fearless" Gregg's "Autos That Pass In The Air" stunt being set up, having found a post from August by Speedboys, who found it on Bill Greene's Flickr page, where he posted it back in 2007.  In all the time that it's been up, only the Speedboys and Jesse have reposted it that I can find.

Main Gregg

By 1935 Gregg had been performing this particular stunt for some time.

From the July 27, 1914 issue of The Lincoln Daily Star (Nebraska).

Jesse actually had a complete post about the stunt back a couple of years ago. Bill's page has a nice discussion with relatives of Fred and his wife Bette.

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