Friday, October 14, 2016

Fire Fighting Friday 10/14/16

Now, I know a thing or three about vintage fire trucks, but Chicago never fails to stump me—I'd never seen one of these and had no idea what it was when I came across the unattributed photo 0n the internet.


Since then I've learned that it is a 1975 Mack Turret Wagon equipped with "twin stang hydraulic high pressure deluge monitors capable of flowing 20,000-gpm." That is serious water flowing.


Then I found out that it was placed permanently out of service in 2011, and auctioned off in February, 2016.


For the story of turret wagons in general, and Chicago FD Turret Wagon 6-7-1 in particular, check out the fantastic collection of posts at chicagoareafire.

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